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Las 5 reglas (poco contadas) para ser un buen jefe

[ad_1] Recibir un ascenso a supervisor o jefe abre [...]

65% of People Think Social Media Sites Should Remove This Content

Content moderation on social media sites remains a hotly-contested topic. […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Usability Testing

My favorite part of the writing process is when my editor reviews my work. By the time I’ve submitted the first draft of most of my blog posts, I’ve invested so much time and effort into my piece that I’m too emotionally attached to it. I need to distance myself from it. My editor also has fresh editing eyes, so she can discover any overlooked errors and new creative opportunities to sharpen my piece. After I address her edits, my piece always looks more polished. […]

Google Docs crea un autocorrector pertrechado de IA para dejar K.O. a los errores ortográficos

[ad_1] Esta tecnología de Google va analizando lo que [...]

Google actualiza su modo de evaluar la calidad de búsqueda

Google salió con una actualización de sus pautas de [...]

The Definition of a Corporation in Less Than 100 Words [FAQ]

Ever since the Great Recession, the word “corporate” has had a negative connotation. The leaders of major corporations dismantled the world economy during the events prior to the financial crisis, and the wreckage sparked harsh animosity toward big companies that had an “Inc.” at the end of their name. […]

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