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Digital Marketing Strategy FINDDEM

Digital Marketing Strategy FINDDEM is a consulting agency of marketing based on the analysis, but directed through digital strategies and apps.

We formed a team with previous experience in markets research, that we combine with fresh minds regarding digital marketing strategy, and whose linkage is technological progress.

Both, offline marketing and online marketing are based on the strategy, that´s why we do not offer packages of social media marketing, but knowing better your market and your audience, we will be able to get to your “Buyer Persona”, and through an Inbound Marketing Strategy, we will be able to attract and getting loyalty from them.

Basically, there are two strategies for generating leads organically:

  1. Attracting traffic organically derived of content marketing through an inbound marketing strategy and
  2. Being found in the search engines of Internet, at the right time of needs, through a SEO Positioning Strategy

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About us


Visualize and understand the result that our clients are looking for, to create the best strategy to reach their goal
be a generating creative solutions company based on measurable results.


understand the needs of our customers to achieve their goals in harmony with their values

Generate concepts and content aligned to the objectives and values of each client

Push the limits of creativity to maximize communication in its bidirectional channels


Listening: by listening the needs of our customers we generate empathy to understand them better

Analyze: stage in which conducts the research and its analysis to discern what is most important, heart extraction and synthesis of information

Strategy: it is when the creative interpreting process of strategies generation starts.

Execute: stage in which the best strategy derived from the creative process is executed.

Evaluate: it proceeds to measure and evaluate the results to continue and improve, or pivoting the strategy.


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